Minnesota’s Treetop Adventure

Minnesota’s newest adventure, close to the Twin Cities, Kerfoot Canopy Tours offers guided zip line tours  through the Minnesota river valley.kerfootTake a 2.5 hour guided tour soaring through picturesque trees, zipping along cables with some of the most beautiful views in Minnesota. Owners Lee and Eva Kerfoot , along with their highly trained guides, invite you to learn how to zip line, beginning with a thorough lesson on the first two shallow cable lines.  The professional guides instruct you how to  ‘trolley up’ and brake —  on your own.   Never fear though, as the professional guides are always on hand to brake you as needed.

53rd birthday at Kerfoot Canopy Tours

53rd birthday at Kerfoot Canopy Tours

You’ll be able the check a few boxes off the bucket list with 13 zip lines, 170 foot suspension bridge and multiple spiral staircases climbing to platforms high above the canopy of the Minnesota River Valley.   There’s over a mile in length of zip line outdoor adventure!

The Kerfoots also rent GoPro cameras to document the adventure.  The camera is both a still and video camera in one.  The video documentation of your trip is particularly fun to relive the event.

This high flying adventure is highly recommended by the Dutch Lake Guest House Bed and Breakfast.


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