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Planting Christmas Trees on the Farm

One of our favorite times of the year at the Dutch Lake Farm is Christmas season.  Every year on Thanksgiving weekend we open the farm to families in search of a Christmas tree, to cut their own tree.  We  offer free hay wagon rides out to the tree fields to select and cut their fresh tree, then enjoy a free cup of cocoa with all the fixings at the cocoa bar!

For every tree that is harvested we replant five.  This year we’re planting 500 Balsam Fir.

The small seedlings were first planted in to 2 gallon pots  two years ago.  We keep the young trees in pots for two years so they are easier to weed and water.

Seedlings are started in 2 gallon pots.

Seedlings are started in 2 gallon pots.

The most import step in planting is to layout the planting grid.  We carefully measure the field, marking each spot where a tree will be planted.   We use a 100′ rope, marked every 10′ indicating the spacing.

Rope used to layout tree spacing.

Rope used to layout tree spacing.

We use spray paint at every 10′ marking so the post hole digger will be easily placed in the correct location.  I’m sure there is some way more sophisticated, techy way the larger tree farms do this, probably using GPS or some such technology, but ‘the rope’ has served us well over the last ten years.

Spray paint indicating the 10' spacing.

Spray paint indicating the 10′ spacing.

Once the field is marked we use a John Deere 3010 tractor with a 3 point hitch, power takeoff post hole digger with a 12″ auger to drill the holes as indicated on the grid.  Be careful!

There’s only one thing that feels better than planting a tree; and that’s planting five hundred!

Newly planted two year old Balsam Fir

Newly planted two-year old Balsam Fir

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